Lauren Mevoli is a senior at Holy Spirit High and plays field hockey and lacrosse for the Spartans. Recently, Glory Days Magazine Publisher Dave O’Sullivan caught up with “Mevoli The Goalie” to talk with her about what could be a lost senior lacrosse season due to the coronavirus pandemic, what she’s been doing to stay busy, and what her future plans are. Here’s the Bunting Family Pharmacy Q&A conversation:
Sully: What’s been going through your mind? I know it’s been tough on all the seniors who were looking forward to their final season.
Mevoli: It’s hard to wrap your head around the whole idea that this is mandatory and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s a sad situation. Ever since freshmen year, and even before that, you dream about your senior game and walking out onto the field with your parents, having your name called and all that. And now it’s taken away from you. It’s sad, but at the same time, we need to be in quarantine.
Sully: When did you realize there was going to be a shutdown? Did you have a feeling it was coming before it happened?

Senior Lauren Mevoli has played goalie in field hockey and lacrosse throughout her career at Holy Spirit, and plans to continue her lacrosse career this fall at Stockton University. (Glory Days file photo/Dave O’Sullivan)

Mevoli: I get these weird feelings that something bad is going to happen, and ever since the beginning of preseason I felt that something bad was going to happen, like we weren’t going to have our senior game. I just had this feeling that something was going to happen. Everybody was like, ‘why are you being so negative?’ But I just felt something didn’t feel right. This year, something is off, and I just had this feeling. And now everything is shut down and we’re in quarantine. That’s what that bad feeling was.
Sully: Are you planning on playing either sport in college?
Mevoli: I am planning on playing lacrosse in college (at Stockton). Even though it’s sad we’re not having our senior season, at least I can play next year, or if I don’t make the team there’s always club lacrosse. It’s sad, but it’s not the end of the world, that’s what I keep thinking.
Sully: How much hope are you holding out that there will be some kind of season, or is it getting to the point where it’s too late?
Mevoli: There’s no season. I’m even thinking, are we even going to get to go back to school? The sports season is over in my mind, but I’m more worried about are we even going to go back to school or will they say finish it out online? I know some districts are (going to finish out) all online, even the AP test is online.
Sully: How tough is that as a senior, all the things seniors look forward to, like the prom, graduation — that whole 4-to-6 week span where your whole high school career culminates?
Mevoli: Luckily, I went to prom last year. It is sad that we might not have a prom this year. But I always think in my head, there are those people who never get to go to prom or play a sport, so they never get to experience these things. So, I am privileged. Yes, it’s sad, but it’s not the end of the world. They’ll end up doing some kind of graduation when (the lockdown) is lifted. It’s not the end of the world, you just have to keep pushing through it. Safety is always first.
Sully: What’s been the most frustrating part about being in a lockdown?
Mevoli: Time management, I would say. Waking up and doing your school work, but not getting too stuck in the school work. You have to take breaks. And I’m still working my job on the weekends, so that’s kind of crazy.
Sully: What kind of things do you do to keep yourself entertained?
Mevoli: I’ve been picking up hobbies. I was skateboarding and I haven’t done that in years. I’ve been trying to teach my dog some tricks, working on crafts, drawing. Just anything that will take time. And doing lots of cleaning.
Sully: What’s the best part about it?
Mevoli: In the strangest way, I feel like I’m learning more and getting more accomplished because it’s being forced onto you. You can’t not pay attention with your school work because you have to hand it in. You can’t just goof off, like you might in class, you actually have to do the work, take the notes, send everything in to your teachers. So, weirdly, I feel like I’m learning more.
Sully: What’s the strangest TV show or movie you’ve come across during quarantine?
Mevoli: If it’s on Netflix, I’ve probably seen it. I’ve watched pretty much every show on Netflix.
Sully: What do you think you’ll think about this whole time 10 or 15 years down the road? Obviously it’s so much different than anything we’ve ever had to deal with.
Mevoli: I think we’re all just going to look back on it and be like, ‘wow, that was such a strange time period.’ I heard on the news that when we look back on this, I hope we think we were overprepared instead of underprepared. That’s a good thing.
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