Roman Papademetriou is the starting third baseman for the Mainland Regional High School baseball team. He’s also one of the top students at Mainland and will be attending Princeton University this coming fall. Glory Days Magazine publisher Dave O’Sullivan caught up with the senior a few weeks ago to talk about baseball, classical music and what Papademetriou has planned this summer. Sully: How often does your last name get mispronounced and misspelled? Roman: All the time. Sully: What has this season been like for you guys at Mainland? Roman: We’ve had some ups and downs so far. The main thing is we are still working hard and we have a shot to do well in the playoffs if we win some upcoming games. (The Mustangs play in the second round of the state playoffs today after beating Delsea Regional in the opening round). We’ve been in some tight games throughout the year, some games that we would have liked to have won, but hopefully that experience in close games will help us. Sully: It’s been such a tough season in the Cape-Atlantic League. What’s that been like when every game is such a battle? Mainland Regional third baseman Roman Papademetriou is one of the top students in his class and plans to attend Princeton University this fall. (Glory Days Magazine photo/Dave O'Sullivan) Mainland Regional third baseman Roman Papademetriou is one of the top students in his class and plans to attend Princeton University this fall. (Glory Days Magazine photo/Dave O’Sullivan) Roman: There are a lot of good teams this year, a lot of good pitching. Our main difficulty has been hitting. We haven’t hit the ball as well as we have in previous seasons, but our bats are starting to come around now. We’ve been pretty solid defensively and once our bats start waking up I think we’ll be better. Sully: Did you have any expectations or goals personally coming into the season? Roman: My biggest goal was to be a leader. I didn’t really have any personal goals to make the all-star selections or anything. I just wanted to be a team leader and motivate my teammates to do well and work hard every day. Sully: What has your senior year been like? Roman: It’s been awesome. I played soccer in the fall and I do a bunch of other academic activities. Baseball season is always something I’m excited for and preparing for all year. So far it’s been a great senior year. Sully: Any senioritis setting in yet? Roman: Definitely! Sully: Yeah, it seems like once the weather starts getting warm seniors are ready for graduation. Roman: Once it starts warming up and baseball season is in full swing it’s tough to focus on school. Sully: What’s it like to be a president? (Papademetriou has been student council president and honor society president during his high school career) Roman: It’s a big responsibility. There’s a lot of work and a lot of people you have to contact, but I’ve enjoyed the role. Being president of those clubs, that’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. Sully: Did you have any other colleges you were considering? What did the final decision come down to? Roman: I also got into Penn. It wasn’t really that much of a choice. I had my heart set on Princeton. That was my No. 1 choice and when I got in I was really excited. Sully: What do you think it will be like at Princeton? Do you think you’ll be hanging out every day in khaki pants and a blue blazer? Roman: Haha. I hope not. I know there is a lot of preppiness on campus, but hopefully it won’t be like that. Sully: What are you looking forward to after graduation? Anything planned? Roman: First, I’m looking to get a job. I’m going to Greece for a few weeks then I’ll be working on a campaign for Bill Hughes Jr., who is running for District 2 congressman. Sully: What kind of music are you into? Roman: I listen to everything. My playlist is pretty huge. Everything from Eminem to new bands like Cage the Elephant, then I have some classical stuff. I have a few (Johann Sebastian) Bach songs. Sully: If you could be the star in any movie, which one would you want to be in? Roman: The Great Gatsby. Sully: Do you know what you are planning on majoring in at Princeton? Roman: International relations. Sully: How would you summarize your high school career? Roman: I’ve enjoyed it. People always tell you that your senior year goes by so fast, and that’s really true. I’m just going to relax and enjoy these last few weeks with all my classmates and teachers. Sully: What do you think you will miss most about high school? Roman: Definitely the people. There are a lot of amazing people at Mainland. Contact Dave O’Sullivan:;on Twitter @GDsullysays