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Golfers are notoriously finicky, from the type of shoes they wear to the golf balls they use, right down to their 9-iron and what types of covers they prefer on their drivers. To that end, Ronnie O’Toole, owner and operator of Ronnie’s Golf Hospital and Pro Shop on Tilton Road in Northfield, likes to have “demo days” to help his customers find out what the latest technology is in the golfing world.
Ronnie’s recently hosted a demo day featuring Ping, and has another with Cleveland coming up. At the Ping demo there was a TrackMan launch monitor, and local golfers took swings and got all kinds of immediate information, from spin rate to distance to launch angle.

Ronnie O’Toole’s son, Petey, enjoyed a hot dog at the recent Ping demo day at Ronnie’s Golf Hospital and Pro Shop on Tilton Road in Northfield. (Glory Days Magazine photo/Dave O’Sullivan)

“We try to do something like this about four or five times a year. We’ll do one in the beginning of the spring and then some at the end of the summer, so that guys who have been playing for a while get to try out their clubs. Sometimes it’s a long winter, and now they’ve had some time to try out there clubs and they can come here (in the summer) and try out something new. You can always trade in and trade up, we do a lot of that here,” O’Toole said while preparing a hot dog for his young son, Petey. “Ping is my biggest seller, we always do very well with Ping. And with Ping, they come out with something new every two years, so they’re not constantly throwing new stuff at you right away. We have a lot of people who sometimes come from far away to try out Ping products. I carry everybody, Calloway an Taylor, and usually once a year we’ll do a demo from those companies, usually near the beginning of the summer. We do a little bit of everybody. Ping just came here and they had a lot of new irons that a lot of people wanted to try out.”
The demo days are a chance to get potential customers to Ronnie’s Golf Hospital, and give him a chance to mingle with golfers and let them know about all his services, from used clubs to trade-in deals to regripping services.

The TrackMan device that the Ping representative brought along allowed golfers to instantly figure out the good and bad parts of their golf swing. (Glory Days Magazine photo/Dave O’Sullivan)

“We get a little bit of everybody. We get people who are beginning golfers but who are completely dedicated already, they want to learn how to play, so they are ready to start at the top of the line so we’ll sell them a whole set of everything, and from there they work on their game. They’ll come out here every night and hit balls, and we offer lessons — they get a little bit of everything here.”
Fall is perhaps the best time to golf in New Jersey, with the cool temperatures and gentle breezes quickly on the way, so O’Toole said he’s hoping for a big turnout on Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. for the Cleveland demo day. Srixon golf balls will be on sale and XXIO clubs will be featured (call the shop for more information, 609-377-8128).
“We’ll have one more demo, Cleveland is coming out and they have a lot of lightweight and ladies stuff, and they have excellent golf balls they’ll be selling at half price,” O’Toole said. “It’s a good time to stock up on some Christmas gifts and get a little jump on that.”
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