(Tyler Welch is a 17-year-old from Galloway who is the quarterback for the Absegami High School football team and also the starting second baseman for the Braves’ baseball team. Glory Days Magazine publisher Dave O’Sullivan caught up with Welch as he and his teammates prepared for their annual Thanksgiving Day showdown against Oakcrest to talk about his transition from wide receiver to quarterback, the worst pizza topping, and what country in Europe he’d like to someday visit.) Sully: What’s this season been like for you? Last year you were a wide receiver and this year they switched you over to quarterback. Welch: It’s a different feel, definitely. I have a lot more control, but also a lot more responsibility. It’s definitely been a lot tougher this year. Sully: When did you find out you were going to play quarterback? Welch: Over the summer (coach Dennis Scuderi Jr.) moved me there. Sully: What was your initial reaction? Were you excited about it or was it more of, hey, I have to do whatever I can for the team? Welch: I was just like, ‘sure thing, coach. Whatever you need.’ Sully: How much have you had to learn from the summer? It has to be tough starting a new position as a senior. Welch: It’s ridiculous how much stuff a quarterback has to know. It’s a lot more difficult than playing wide receiver, that’s for sure. Sully: Was there a certain game this year when you thought everything was working well? Welch: EHT. I think that was the most fun game this year. (The Braves came back to win 29-28). Sully: Was there a game when you left the field and thought, man, I got beat up today? Tyler Welch, a senior at Absegami, moved from wide receiver to quarterback this season for the Braves. He also was the starting second baseman on the Braves' baseball team last spring. (Glory Days Magazine photos/Dave O'Sullivan) Tyler Welch, a senior at Absegami, moved from wide receiver to quarterback this season for the Braves. He also was the starting second baseman on the Braves’ baseball team last spring. (Glory Days Magazine photos/Dave O’Sullivan) Welch: There were a couple, but (St. Augustine) Prep. The Prep was a tough one. Sully: What has it been like playing behind that offensive line? I know there are a lot of young guys on the line but they have seemed to come together here at the end of the season. How good do you think those guys will be in the next couple of years? Welch: I’m expecting big things from them. They keep getting better and better, learning more and more. Sully: You have Oakcrest coming up for the Thanksgiving game. How big of a rivalry is that and how much do you guys look forward to playing them on Thanksgiving? Welch: I would say it’s the biggest game of the year. Especially this year, it’s the biggest game of the year. We need to win this one. That trophy needs to stay with us, definitely. Sully: If you could take a college visit to any school in the country, what do you think would be the coolest place to go? Welch: Arizona State. Sully: Once football season is over, how quickly do you turn your attention to the baseball season? Welch: As soon as football is over I have to start gaining more weight again and start getting in shape for baseball. The first couple of weeks (of baseball season) is always tough on the legs. Sully: What’s been the coolest thing about your high school sports career? Welch: I guess just everything it has taught me. I feel like it has formed my character. Sully: When you guys are hanging out do you play a lot of country music to get under the skin of (baseball teammate) Drew Roesch? Welch: Haha, yeah. I love country. Sully: Drew was telling me he tries to limit the amount of country music you guys play before the baseball games. Welch: Oh, yeah. I don’t see why. I feel like that is the best music to play before baseball games. Sully: What do you think you will miss most when you graduate from high school? Welch: Definitely playing sports, and also my friends. Sully: What’s one topping that should never go on pizza? Welch: Mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. [adrotate banner=”7″] Sully: Do you have any new favorite bands or singers you’ve been listening to the last couple of weeks? Welch: Zac Brown Band. Sully: Would you rather watch baseball or football? Welch: Football. I never watch baseball. I love to play it, but I just can’t watch it. It’s just too long. Sully: If you were given a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go on vacation? Welch: Italy. Definitely. That’s where my family is mostly from, plus I love Italian food. Sully: What do you plan on doing after high school? Welch: I don’t think I’m going to play any sports in college, but I’m looking at a couple of schools. Sully: Anything in particular you plan on studying or will you try to figure that out once you get to college? Welch: I want to major in nursing. Sully: You must get some ribbing from your friends about that. Welch: Yeah. They call me a murse. Sully: How excited are you for the rest of your senior year? You guys have a good bunch of baseball players coming back. Welch: I’m hoping we can go all the way this year for baseball. That would be awesome. Contact Dave O’Sullivan: sully@acglorydays.com; on Twitter @GDsullysays [adsense]