If you saw Gavin Roman walking into a Wawa and somebody told you “there goes one of the best receivers in Holy Spirit football history” you might think that person was delirious in the summer heat.

Roman is about 5-foot-8 and all of 165 pounds. Not exactly a menacing site on a high school footballl field.
But the 2023 graduate used his speed, smarts, agility and athleticism to get separation from bigger defenders and he continued to make plays throughout a season that saw the Spartans go 9-2 and advance to the semifinals of the state sectional tournament. Roman was the leading receiver in the state with 1,249 yards on a mind-boggling 113 receptions (a new state record). He had double-digit receptions in all but two games as a senior and had more than 140 yards five times. He was also an outstanding defender, finishing the season with several interceptions.